Inheriting a Legacy ~ Continuing a Tradition

The Lake Valhalla Club is a private membership County Club located in Montville, NJ. The Club is steeped in a rich history dating back to the first Native Americans in the area known as the Delawares. Our name “Valhalla” means dwelling place of the Gods to the ancient Norsemen and has become a heavenly spot for generations of members and guests to enjoy. The Club offers a variety of exclusive membership options, as well as a special occasion’s venue available to the public.

Lake Valhalla Club

Built in the early 1930’s, the charming Tudor style Clubhouse is located on the south side of Lake Valhalla, nestled within 108-acres of exclusive club property and surrounded by a waterfall, log cabin, sailboats, docks, forests and serene mountains.  The dramatic ballroom features a vaulted beamed ceiling, two grand stone fireplaces with rustic mantles, and a picturesque balcony with wooden banister.   The adjoining porch area reveals floor-to-ceiling windows with a spectacular view of the 90-acre lake. Within the Clubhouse, the Viking Room and the bar area are designed to take full advantage of the scenic lake view as well.

At the Lake Valhalla Club, we take distinct pleasure in hosting the wedding or special occasion of your dreams.  Our experienced banquet staff is available to guide you through every step of planning your event and personalizing your menu.   We host only one occasion at a time so that we may focus exclusively on pleasing both you and your guests.   Please contact us so that we may assist you personally in planning your special day.

Interested in our exclusive membership options?  Lake Valhalla Club is a year round facility offering our members a wealth of activities.  The spring season begins as soon as the tennis courts and softball fields are playable. Summer is welcomed with a Memorial Day carnival and a picnic on the last day of school. Summer also presents a full range of activities, such as swimming, water trampolines, kayak’s, paddle boards, fishing, volleyball, and a variety of tennis programs. For the children, there are swim lessons, swim team, the Kids Camp, and tennis teams. And for their parents, an opportunity to relax on the Adirondacks or enjoy a Sunday night barbecue or dinner dance on the beach. The fall brings volleyball, softball playoffs and paddle tennis. Besides skating, ice fishing, and paddle tennis in the winter, our members can enjoy dinner by the fire and our holiday and social events.

We invite you to join us at the Lake Valhalla Club to experience our fine facilities and friendly atmosphere.

To schedule a tour or request an application for membership, please contact us.